Kokua Kailua Applications


Merchants of Kailua Village Business Improvement District: $45 per month per booth

Participation is open to all merchants located in Kailua Village Business Improvement District. (View map at www.historickailuavillage.com). Merchants located in Zone 1 will be given priority for booth placement and reservation. The Kokua Kailua Committee reserves the right to invite other non- competitive vendors deemed to enhance the overall impact and success of the event.
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Restaurants of KVBID: $45 per month per booth

Restaurants are encouraged to participate, but MUST comply with all health requirements with respect to serving food outside their premises. ANY permits, etc. necessary must be displayed in full view of public. You must apply for the Temporary Food Establishment Permit (http://hi5deposit.com/health/environmental/sanitation/tempfoodpermits.html) if you plan to sell food at the event, a copy of this permit is required with your application. Non-compliance of this rule may cause the shut-down of the event; therefore, strict enforcement will take place.
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Artists (Island wide): $65 per month (only one booth per Vendor allowed)

Artists are invited to participate and must keep with the spirit of “buy local.” To qualify as an artist you must be the producer of the art that you are selling and it must be made on the Big Island. Resale items do not qualify.

When you fill out your registration form please indicate what it is you produce so that the Kokua Kailua committee can review for your participation. Upon acceptance you are approved to only sell those items indicated on your registration forms. NO COFFEE or other food items including baked goods are allowed to be sold in your booth.

It has also come to our attention that there are several artists participating that also sell merchandise to downtown Kailua- Kona businesses. We are excited that you are participating. We are however concerned for our businesses that care is taken when pricing your items for this event. It is critical to the integrity of business that the prices in Kokua Kailua are the same as what is seen in the stores the whole rest of the month. If a prospective customer sees you selling your art at less than retail in the street and then much higher in the store that customer will no longer trust any of the pricing in that store. If the pricing matches then the store is a great continuation of your sales at Kokua Kailua and the artist makes more money. It is a win-win situation. The businesses in downtown have very high overhead. It is a challenge for them in this economy just as it is for you. It is important to share in the Aloha of this event.

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Coffee Vendors (Outside of KVBID) $65 per month (only one booth per Vendor allowed):

We only allow two coffee vendors (not including Merchants of KVBID) each month. Coffee vendors are chosen by first come first serve basis (you can pay for the full quarter to reserve three months) and are only allowed to sell coffee. NO other Artists are allowed to sell Coffee in their booths.
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Non-Profit Organizations $0 per month (only one booth per Vendor allowed):

We only allow two Non-Profit Organizations per month. Non-Profit Organizations that get selected to participate are offered a free booth space and are selected on a first come first serve basis and at the discretion of the Kokua Kailua Committee. You can choose to pay for a booth at $65 per month and be placed in the order your application is received.
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Sponsor / Advertising Category:

This category is for those sponsors / advertisers that are pre-approved Kokua Kailua supporters only.
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Specialty Items $65 per month (only one booth per Vendor allowed):

Includes: Kettle Corn, Funnel Cakes, Donuts, Cakes, Face Painters, Rock Climbing Structures, etc. All entries are subject to approval.
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