Requirements & Guidelines

Cost and Entry

MERCHANTS and RESTAURANTS within the District: $40 per participant, per event or $120 for the 3 month scheduled quarter (starts Jan., Apr., Jul., Oct.).


$55 per participant, per event. Only the first fifty (50) artists and first two (2) coffee farm vendors may pay per quarter. In the event that you are placed on the waiting list, funds will be held until the day of the event..


Sharing of booth space with different Artists/Merchants/and Restaurants is permissible as long as EACH participating party pays the required $40 or $55 fee. NO refunds will be given due to merchant, restaurant or artist inability to participate. Please submit your application and fees as soon as possible as space is limited. Kokua Kailua goes on Rain or Shine. We do not reschedule rain days. NO refunds are made to vendors due to inclement weather, including rain.

Booth Space Assignments / Selection

Booth spaces will be a maximum of 10’ x 10’. All Exhibitors are required to keep their display within these boundaries. Signs are not to exceed the size of the space. Pop-up tents are highly recommended. You are required to have a covered table (or display stand) and display must not interfere with neighboring booth.

Final location of each Exhibitor will be assigned at 3:00pm the Friday prior to that month’s event. Efforts will be made to accommodate specific requests for booth location however there is NO guarantee for any certain location. District merchants and restaurants are offered priority selection in booth spaces, the pool of general applicants will compete for the remaining spaces. Changes in stall assignment locations and the selection of applicants may be made at the discretion of management for the benefit of the overall operation.

Booth space assignments will be EMAILED by 3pm the Friday before the event, please check your spam/junk folders as the file is fairly large and sometimes gets directed to those folders. If you do not receive the email by 3pm Friday, it is the responsibility of the vendor to make sure to contact the event coordinator for their booth assignment. Booth assignment numbers are from 1-A to 120 and will be marked on the ground.

Waiting List

If we are fully booked for the event, Merchants and Restaurants within KVBID will have first priority for booth space, selection, and waiting list; all other entries will be placed on a waiting list on a first come first serve basis and at the discretion of the Kokua Kailua Committee. Event Coordinator will email you if you are on the waiting list and will call or email you all the way up until the day of the event if a space should become available. If you do not get in for that month, funds held will be released.

Set-up and Tear-down

All vendors are required to make a 4.25″X 11″ (half of a letter size sheet of paper) sign to put in your car, write “VENDOR” and place on your dashboard. This will help the police determine if you are a vendor or not.

Road closure will take place for each event at 12:30pm. Exhibitors will be allowed to drop off materials and set up their booths from 12:30-12:45pm. NOTHING is allowed to be on the sidewalks or roads prior to 12:30pm. If you unload earlier, you will be given a citation and asked to leave if you do not cooperate. Be there on time, as NO cars will be allowed to enter

the area after 12:45pm. Roads will reopen at 6:30 pm; therefore, tear-down will start at 6:00pm (no sooner) and all items need to be off the road by 6:30pm. Failure to comply with this rule may cause the shut-down of the event; therefore, strict enforcement will take place.

STARTING FROM SOUTH TO NORTH: South End booths (Hualalai Rd. to ABC: 1 through 39): Set up your booths as close to the mountain side, without encroaching onto the sidewalks. Central Booths (From ABC to the start of the Seawall 40 through 74): Set up on the Oceanside, without encroaching onto the sidewalks. North End booths (from Scandinavian Shave Ice to Palani Rd 75-115): Set up your booths as close to the Mountainside without encroaching on the sidewalks. Fire Department REQUIRES a minimum of 12 FEET of road clearance space through the entire event. We must abide by their requirements or we will get shut down for future strolls. Do not block Fire Hydrants, Driveways, Roadways to/from parking lots, Shopping Center Entries, any spots that are marked DO NOT BLOCK.


All vehicles must be off the closed road by 12:45pm. There is NO PARKING PERMITTED on the closed portion of the road, driveways or roadway entries during this event. There are parking lots off Kuakini Hwy, some require pay and some are free.  You are responsible for payment at the paid lots.  There are lots close to Ali’i Drive by Hayashi’s You Make the Roll and Poncho and Lefty’s alleyway (Sarona Lane). You can access these lots from Kuakini Hwy by turning on to Hanama Place.


All exhibits must comply with County, State and Federal ordinances, regulations and fire marshal instructions. Any and all County, State or Federal licenses (GET License), inspections or permits required by law of any exhibitor will be obtained by the exhibitor at their own expense prior to the event.


Kokua Kailua will not be liable for any damages or expense incurred by Vendors in the event a Kokua Kailua event is delayed, interrupted or not held as scheduled.

Violations and Zero Tolerance Policy:

We reserve the right to deny/refuse any one who does not comply with the following guidelines. We have a strict zero tolerance policy, physical and verbal violence will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate dismissal and non participation. Failure to comply with the above guidelines and requirements will result in the following: VIOLATIONS: 1st Offense: written notification and 3 month suspension. 2nd Offense: Dismissal and non-participation in future events. Serious offenses may involve immediate expulsion.

Thank you for your participation in Kokua Kailua Village Stroll! We’d also like to express our gratitude to the many volunteers that help to make this event successful!

-Kokua Kailua Committee